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Perks to offer to attract talent in a cutthroat job market

Posted on January 4th, 2022

The job market is very tight now, a lot of vacancies and fewer candidates is the present scenario after covid. So, how do you stand apart from the crowd and attract candidates to your organization?

Here are the ways to attract talent and retain them.

Career development chances

To grow every day in every aspect is human nature and, the same applies in a career and if you can show your employee the way to grow, then hiring is easier. Provide a chance for employees to grow professionally. Give them career-related training and education. You can provide them with education subsidies. This act will give employees more sense of loyalty and oneness which ultimately will lead to more retention. The other way, you can also encourage them to multitask and see if they can contribute something to the company.

Vacation time

It is a decent negotiating chip with candidates looking at various offers with nearly the equivalent terms and conditions — it can even be a good incentive for existing workers for whom a hike is not in the plan. In fact, encouraging people to be on vacation shows them that you care for them and that their rejuvenation is essential to you. Also, plan a vacation time for every department based on the workload they will have. You can actually plan this based on holiday dates.

Flexible work hours & remote work

It is the biggest challenge but is also the most helpful tool to attract talent. Segregate jobs that can be done from anywhere and see if this method will work for you. As the age is of millennials and a global village, this approach should be a workable method. Make all efforts to see that employee cohesion and the organization’s goals will meet when you opt for this method. With this, your work is accomplished, and employees will also have more meaningful time with their families.

Bonuses — financial or otherwise

The bonus that comes every year-end is what the employees wait for. However, it need not always wait for the year to complete. See if it can be given beforehand. Besides, bonuses need not always be in the form of cash, they can as well be in other forms of gift cards, dinners or some meaningful gifts and prizes. Recognition should be in some type else, employees may go away with the notion that their hard work is not recognized.

Transportation subsidies

Subsidizing a commute can add up to pretty sizable savings for your employee, and it shows that you’re thinking about their commute. One common way is by offering every employee a free regional public transportation pass. You can also refund for the bus passes they buy themselves.

Phone bill subsidies

Not providing employees mobile bills when their actual work is making calls and reaching people, then it can be a hinder to your hiring policy. When an employee spends a considerable amount paying phone bills, it is always a better method to consider paying them from the company side.

Also, look out at team perks that provide time for teams to hang out as a group. And finally, focus on office perks too to attract more talent.

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