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How to get new clients to your recruitment firm

Posted on February 9th, 2022

No recruiter and recruitment firm will sustain itself without getting clients regularly. Fact accepted, but how to get clients constantly is the big question that many notable staffing agencies and success tasted recruiters ask themselves on a regular basis. Well, the answer lies in following these simple yet powerful means to get new clients.

  1. Job Post Websites
  2. Many recruiters do not pay attention to this, with a notion that such websites are less rewarding but, this is a false notion. Job posting websites are part and parcel of recruitment practices and the global employment market. If you ignore or underuse these websites, you will be missing some of the potentially good clients. Conduct searches regularly to see if the same business name(s) comes up frequently. If so, they could be battling to get the right persons, and this is your ticket to make him/her your client. Get in touch directly with them. Also, don’t ignore industry-specific job sites, especially if you feel there is a high percentage of hiring in some field.

  3. Social Media
  4. As long as human beings are there, social media will exist, and this is your best bet to fetch new clients. Many clients depend on them for their recruitment needs, so a constant watch on them will ease your work of getting new clients to your company. Besides, these platforms are also better means to build contacts and increase your network. According to professional marketers, social media is the most resourceful way to get new business.

  5. Email Marketing
  6. In this age of digitization and instantaneous communication, many feel email marketing is a dead tool but, it isn’t. Using a CRM and its analytics will give an edge. This way, you can plan better and monitor your email marketing. Email marketing better works for B2B markets. Email marketing is the fastest method to increase the marketing list in no time. However, for this to be successful, ensure you have the right software. The best part of this method is you can use it to send mass marketing emails. Before ending up, try to use the best template and also personalize emails wherever needed.

  7. Follow Up Calls
  8. Many recruiters neglect this action. Just calling or emailing is of no use. You must follow them up. People are busy like you and tend to forget, so it is your duty to follow up. Follow up as many times as possible so that you get to know if the lead can be closed or left.

  9. Ask Referrals
  10. This is the best and cheapest outreach and marketing method to get new clients for your firm. Mouth referrals are more effective and efficient. A satisfied client is 100 times better than a paid program. Ask them to give referrals. Don’t feel uncomfortable asking, after all, you are extending your service to others.

  11. Attend Events
  12. If you ever come across a chance of being part of events in your space, don’t miss them. Plunge into action and take an active part in events that are related to recruitment. This way, you meet new clients and also get to know the latest happenings in the field.

And finally, don’t forget there is cold calling-the most popular way for any recruiter. This method has a tremendous effect on the staffing industry.

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