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Save More On Staffing With These Recruitment Strategies

Posted on November 5th, 2021

Finding, recruiting, and retaining employees has become more costly than before. Here are five recruitment tips that you can depend up on to cut down your recruitment expenditure.

  1. Automate Recruiting Procedure
  2. Time is money, whether you accept it or not. Automation and streamlining will bring in more savings. Besides, automation will also augment recruiters’ productivity. By deploying automated processes for repetitive works, unnecessary time spent on these works will also lessen drastically.

    The more time you spend on recruitment the more are your costs of operation so, cut down the time-to-hire. The lesser your time of recruitment is, the more are your returns and time.

    Evaluate your present recruitment method and identify which factors can be automated like advertising jobs, organizing interviews, performing background inspections, and more.

    Decrease working hours, lessen costs and modernize your recruitment processes for a productive and cost-effective solution.

  3. Employee Referrals Program
  4. It is also one best method to lower your hiring costs. Of course, by now, you would have already introduced this program. Nevertheless, for a change, set a limit on the budget for the new hires and ask your employees to find the candidate(s) within the set budget. When you implement this process, the results are quicker and are also long term. This program will motivate your employees to find the best fit within their network. More than often, people hired through this process also fit your company’s goals and culture. Above all, this is a tried and tested process that stood the tests of time. This program need not always be in the form of immediate cash payments, it can also be in the form of gift vouchers, salary hikes, time offs, paid vacation, and others. These will further motivate your employees. Don’t restrict this program to only your employees; extend this to your network and external persons too.

  5. Utilize Social Media
  6. Often firms turn to a retained executive search to discover a skilled and highly qualified person for a particular role. Whilst this is useful, all the retained executive search companies have a price to pay. So, why not use social media platforms to figure out recruitment.

    Active social media utilization for staffing is economical, effective, and also has a far reach. The chances of reaching out to many people are very high with this process as everyone is a social media user.

    For this method to be successful, your company should have a strong social media presence. Invest in this if needed to get long term and bigger results. You can as well try premium services on social media platforms.

  7. Implement Internal Mobility
  8. Internal mobilization of employees is one sure-shot way to lower your staffing costs. You may be aware of Human capital management (HCM) and, if so, there is no need to explain what internal mobility is. Make the internal mobility program part of the company’s staffing strategy plan and see how much you can save on recruitment.

    However, you must be careful while you implement this. You should be able to motivate your employees to switch roles, besides you should also check the competitiveness. It may look cumbersome, but it is the most effective method to retain your employees and also finish your work with less cost.

  9. Take Care Of Recruiters
  10. Call them recruiters or HRs, once you can take care of them your half business of recruitment is done. Ensure they are paid what is theirs, if not more. The more satisfied your recruitment wing is, the easier it is for you to cut down unwanted expenses on recruitment.

Follow these. and you will see the magic of recruiting with fewer costs.

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