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Tips To Fight Back Impostor Syndrome At Work

Posted on August 11th, 2021

People suffering from Impostor Syndrome (IS) are increasing day by day due to various reasons. This condition will lead to many hurdles both on professional and personal fronts. Fighting it is a bit difficult but not impossible.

Below are some simple and useful tips to combat IS.

Understand It:

First, what is Impostor Syndrome? A feeling of inadequacy and incompetency despite having a decent rate of success. When you can understand this, you can come over this in no time. The minute IS strikes you, start thinking about your success and achievements.

Break the silence:

Don’t be in the feeling that you alone are suffering from this. First, accept the fact that you are going through the phase. Second, also accept the fact others too could be suffering. Research said, 70% of people would have gone through this syndrome once in life. So, what’s wrong if you are going through this trauma. Speak loudly, say to someone and ease the burden of suffering silently.

Separate facts and feelings:

The feeling of being incompetent and fit for nothing can strike anyone and, at any time, however, there is no use in suffering from this feeling. Try to focus on facts and calm down by thinking of the achievements you accomplished. If you feel you are stupid, it may be true but, no person on earth can be stupid forever, begin to think of this simple fact.

Accentuate the positive:

It is good to be a perfectionist, but you need not always be so. When there is a need to stretch that extra mile to achieve perfection, do not stretch out. At the same time, give yourself the lenience to not be perfect always and every time.

Accept mistakes and failures:

Never get disheartened by failures or mistakes in place of this build a healthy reaction to them. Believe what Henry Ford once said, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” So, start learning from this great man who revolutionized the automobile industry.

Keep the rules right:

Don’t try to be a perfectionist always. Thoughts like I should know everything, never ask a help, do not err, and other such things will only worsen your trauma so, try to focus on practicable rules so that you don’t find yourself at fault when you go wrong sometimes and in inevitable times.

Reward yourself:

Remember, if you fall in this category, you should be in a position to reward yourself both for success and unstoppable failure. The second is more vital because seeing a failure was prewritten but, you tried your best and, you have a chance to try it again.

Be ready for failure:

Though said in the last, it is not the least. If everything above fails, stick to this thumb rule. As a rule, if you are a person who is suffering from imposter syndrome, it is but natural to feel that you have failed, although you would have been successful. So, instead of getting under the impression that you have failed, pat yourself that you tried yet failed. Accept this and, you will fall in line slowly but steadily.

To sum up, accept the truth that you are going through some problem but, you are going through a problem that can consciously be overcome.

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