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The Wholesome Life Of A Recruiter

Posted on April 22nd, 2021

When you turn out to be a recruiter, you instantaneously become flexible as things keep changing constantly. Life is full of buzz and, there’s never a boring moment. It is tough to say in a few words how the life of a recruiter would be like as no two days are the same, but still, we have tried to furnish some insights regarding the ever-changing life of a recruiter. Probably, this article will be of use if you are trying to be a recruiter furthermore you can correct us if we’re wrong 🙂.

Typical Day Of A Recruiter:

For sure work is fun and each day differs in responsibilities!

Every morning, a recruiter like other employees first, prepares for the day and manages the calendar. Followed by this, checks emails and makes sure to check on the status of all the open requests (having open communication with fellow recruiters, hiring managers and the applicants are all important). Once this is finished, he/she takes time to go through every inbound resume from job postings and follows up with every prospected candidate.

The rest of the day consists of passive and active sourcing using various recruiting platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, the in-house database, and referrals (these are only to name a few).

Other daily tasks include:

  • Organizing technical phone screens
  • Resume reviewing
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Preparing applicants for interviews
  • Collaborating with hiring managers
  • Finally, the nicest part-extending offers!
What’s the most satisfying part of the work?

The truly rewarding and satisfying part of leading life as a recruiter is assisting and helping people land in their dream jobs and seeing them succeed. The chance to be a matchmaker and connect talented people with the right companies is the motivating factor.

What Challenges Do Recruiters Face?

Hardships are part of the job and, so recruiters too have them. A recruiter has to deal with new challenges constantly. A few of the challenges consist of:

  • Not receiving any answer from candidates.
  • Candidates not taking interview comments positively.
  • The most disturbing challenge and sick to hear part…candidates declining offer letters.
  • Another difficult situation is getting negative feedback about the interview process. It is the situation where recruiters must guess and calculate whether the candidate is good for the position. Proper understanding of the profile will let recruiters’ stay away from such unwanted situations.
  • The last and most terrible challenge - candidate declining the offer letter. In this situation, an intelligent recruiter will allow the candidate to think about the offer besides giving other options.

However, as a recruiter, he/she understands all these difficulties and also knows that each person is different and so are their mindsets. They at times also face such a situation wherein the candidate drops the interview process midway. Unimaginable circumstances are routine but, they know how to stay focused in such conditions.

Leaving aside all these and not considering whether the candidate accepted the offer or not recruiter will end his/her day with a positive note that (s)he did the best to give someone a new life and made a new friend in the process.

What Qualities do A Recruiter need To Shine In This Industry?

The qualifications can/will/must differ in importance based on the area that one supports. Below are some of the vital skills a recruiter should have:

  • Target-driven
  • Confident
  • Communication skills
  • Skills to develop relations
  • Time management
  • Expertise in multitasking
  • Good problem solver
  • Ready for flexible working hours
  • Team spirit
What Runs Through The Mind Of A Recruiter?

Any recruiter will have this positive thought in mind- I chose this field to help people get jobs and live a better life. Being a recruiter, I’m the face of the company, and that I should strive for the company and thrive for human progress. I know there’s competition in this field and that things can change at any moment but, still, I’m prepared.

I meet new people, assess them, talk to them, befriend them and act as a guide and assistant in their job search. A divine thing and a meaningful profession!

We hope every detail about the life and breath of a recruiter is covered.

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