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How to fall in love with your job again

Posted on June 22nd, 2021

Now and then, we feel our jobs are boring, and it is time to either take a break or switch to another field. This feeling happens to all of us. However, there are many ways to fall in love with your job again. If you are also the one who is feeling bored with the job or not getting that needed motivation, then these tips are for you.

  1. Focus on what you love the most in your job:
  2. When you prioritize the most loved part of your job, tackling other not so interesting works in your job becomes easy. Relishing on good things gives us the motivation to focus on non-motivating things. Keep thinking of good things in your job to keep intact the love towards it.

  3. Initiate a change — let it be small:
  4. Unhappiness is sometimes the result of boredom. So, check for what is making you bored and make a change. Pose yourself with new challenges and works every day and, this will alter the monotony and reignite the love and passion towards your work.

    You can take new courses in your field as well to add something new to your routine tasks.

  5. Declutter your space:
  6. Often low energy is the result of not decluttering. Cleaning the mess now and then is very important to stay focused and fix low energies. Decluttering is not only related to the office but also your home. Check out your inboxes, office desks and other personal spaces that make you feel vexed up and clear them off.

    Remember, decluttering is empowering and liberating the inner force in you.

  7. Stay positive:
  8. Staying positive is often easier said than done. But finding ways is not that difficult. Stay with people who energize you and stuff your surroundings with objects that gush positive vibes. Take breaks from the screen and imagine the things and people that give you calmness. The simple act of redirecting your thoughts towards something that makes you happy opens new doors to restart.

  9. Volunteer:
  10. Volunteering can give you a new breath into life. It can be either within your office or outside it. Try helping out your colleague in his/her work if possible and see the joy of helping others. Accomplishing work that is not within your sphere is a joy of an untold experience.

    You can as well be part of volunteer works outside your organization. Check with your HR department they may be knowing well about the NGOs and other charity works.

    Helping others is heeling self.

  11. Be updated:
  12. The world changes every day and every minute. Either one likes it or not, knowledge is power and, this power comes to you only if you are on par with the changes and innovations in your field.

    Who knows, probably not being updated with your work could also be the reason for your work boredom?

  13. Do not wait to take new challenges:
  14. Ask your manager for new duties and, do not wait till you are assigned. Not taking up the tasks you can do also leads to a lack of interest in the job. If you feel you can do more than what you are doing now, reach out to your boss and say you can take up new works. The simple fact that you are out on your journey towards new challenges can pump up your adrenaline.

  15. Explore joy around you:
  16. Feeling low at work is common, but, at the same time, it is manageable. Sometimes even small acts such as exploring new things or falling back to your old hobbies can do the trick for you. Probably, all these days, you would have left your hobbies beyond. Now go back to them and see the magic they bring to your work.

  17. Telecommute:
  18. A survey said telecommuting makes employees loyal, happier and less absent. However, it had a limitation: employee should love remote working. So, check if your heart is into telecommuting and ask your employer if it is feasible. But then, you should cautiously go for this step. If you can work remotely with self-control, it is best or else it can be turmoil.

    Check if your home has the work ambience you need. If it is not there, it will only worsen your boredom.

  19. Laugh more, love more:
  20. Research said people who laugh at work and who love what they do never feel the effect of flatness. Always have that sportiveness with you, no matter how tough your day is or how hard your work is. More than all, loving your job unconditionally is also the core to never getting bored with your work. After all, you have chosen the job by yourself.

Follow these simple 10 tips and, you will never feel despising your job or hating it due to boredom.

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